We are introducing an exclusive set of 100 ADUs for homeowners and developers in the California. Starting at $279,000.  

Total number of reserved units
Current estimated delivery
7 months
Not in California? Reserve yours.

Place your order today and get your exclusive Cosmic ONE ADU in a few simple steps.

Our all-online process that starts with configuration and ends with your dream sustainable home, cabin, or ADU.

Step 1



Our online design configuration lets you play with latest available options for Cosmic ONE, with current estimated prices. Choose different layouts with different options including exteriors, water tech, solar and battery packs. There’s no commitment to explore all you want.


Make a reservation.

Whenever you’re ready to move forward, submit your refundable deposit of $500 to become a reservation holder of one of our 100 limited edition Cosmic ONE. Don’t worry – you can keep experimenting with models and options in the studio until your reservations move closer towards permitting submittal.

Not in California?

You can submit your refundable deposit of $500 to become a reservation holder in our system for the time when we are ready to build in your area. You will hear from our team regarding the estimated delivery time.

Two weeks later

Site visit

Phase 2
We’ll visit your property to gather crucial information, collaborate with you, and address any site-specific considerations. Following the site visit, we'll provide you with an installation estimate and detailed project timeline.

Two weeks later


We'll prepare all necessary documentation required for the permit application, including architectural drawings, engineering plans, site plans, and any additional supporting documents. Once the permit package is complete, we submit it to the local planning department on your behalf.
Phase 3

Aprox. 5 months later


We'll wrap up the manufacturing of Cosmic ONE, preparing it for transport from our factory to your location. It'll arrive fully assembled, ready to be craned-in.

A few weeks later

Site installation

We will get your lot ready for Cosmic ONE by installing the foundation and utility connections. This installation process is swift and efficient, taking just a few days, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of your new modern, sustainable living space with minimal hassle.

Post-installation, we will conduct a thorough inspection and testing to guarantee optimal performance.