Cosmic ONE; the first step to revolutionizing the construction industry

Introducing the Cosmic 100 ADUs Plan: Urgency for Climate and Housing Affordability

March 18, 2024

Our initial product is a high-end micro-home that can serve as an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU), a primary single-family home, or building blocks for an entire residential community. Our long-term goal is to produce buildings with various sizes and designs, including self-sustainable affordable homes that can be deployed across different climates and geographies without any grid connectivity. This is because we firmly believe (Manifesto) self-sufficient homes are the key to providing affordable housing, and clean energy and water for everyone.

Today, we're launching an exclusive ADU product line in the California for homeowners and developers, with the first 100 units available for purchase. Our limited series of all-electric ADUs is designed to use recycled water for all non-potable needs and relies heavily on alternative energy generation.

Although a relatively small batch of high-end homes in a restricted geographical region won't impact the global housing and climate crises, it's a critical first step.

By concentrating on delivering a sustainable product with superior quality to a limited market, to the customers who are ready to pay a premium, we can ensure the delivery of exceptional products while simultaneously pioneering a new way to build, operate, and deliver sustainable buildings. By purchasing Cosmic ONE each client will invest in accelerating the development of key technologies, paving the way for higher-volume, lower-priced sustainable homes that our planet desperately needs.

We’re also providing an overview of our three-part strategy to revolutionize the construction industry and tackle two of the most critical challenges of our time; housing and climate. Unlike previous housing crises, this one can not be solved by incremental changes of available construction processes. Resolving climate change and housing insecurity with mass market affordable homes, without the irresponsible depletion of natural resources, requires a complete transformation of both, the delivery method and the product — buildings themselves.

1. Grid independency

Our initial approach is to bundle together the best existing technologies in water, renewable energy, and all-electric appliances to offer the most sustainable product market – Cosmic ONE. As we continue to advance, we're committed to creating state-of-the-art technology that lets our homes run entirely off-grid. We’ll keep innovating in both the construction and utility aspects of homes, so they generate more energy and water than they use. With this, our homes will operate autonomously forever, eliminating the need for public utilities or infrastructure. This shift not only changes homeowners' lifestyles but also provides a completely new economy that benefits both the planet and the homebuyer.

Responsible sourcing.

Cosmic is developing a new construction method and delivery processes that enable unlocking the full transparency in material sourcing, construction processes, and the entire lifecycle. In our building's structural envelope and partitions, we use a component-based building system that allows us to embrace Circular Economy principles and transparency into the core of our business.

We will trace and disclose the origins of every material, detailing each production phase, providing environmental reports, and giving real-time updates on users inside a home for each project independently.

Our components can be dismantled and reused to have a new life in a new building or for another purpose.

New construction methods.

Lastly, we're working towards creating fully automated, robotic factories. This will help us scale up carbon-neutral and zero-emission buildings. With the aid of cutting-edge robotics and artificial intelligence, we can create factories with less heavy machinery, less energy consumption, and reduced waste, errors, and labor needs.

As we build towards creating faster and more cost-effective construction methods that can deliver sustainable housing on a large scale, we understand that the urgent need for affordable housing and clean energy cannot wait. In response to this, we are launching the Cosmic Foundation. It pledges to donate 1% of each home sale towards improving the lives of children affected by war conflicts.